POST 178



Sunday & Monday
11 AM to 9 PM

Tuesday & Thursday
11 AM to 10 PM

Wednesday, Friday & Saturday
11 AM to 11 PM

Prices and availability subject to change.


11:00 AM TO 6:00 PM
Monday & Saturday

11:00 AM TO 2:30 PM
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


Wednesday & Friday          5 to 7 PM

Tuesday     Wings & Tacos     5 to 7 PM



5 to 7 PM
Dinner Specials - Check Monthly Calendar



5 to 7 PM
Dinner Specials  -  Fish   -  Chicken



Sunday & Thursday 6 PM


Monday   6 PM


Wednesday   7 PM
Friday     6 PM


Saturday   6 PM


Check Monthly Calendar for Details


Canteen Rules

Approved 8/1/2001 by the General Membership

•  Bartenders are in charge at all times in the Canteen and will enforce all Post and South Carolina A.B.C. rules.

•  No profane language in the Canteen

•  Intoxicated members/guests will not be served.

•  No open containers will be carried out of the Post.

•  Harassing of bartenders will not be tolerated.

•  No one is allowed behind the bar without permission of the bartender.

•  Any lewd exposing clothing not permitted in the Canteen.

•  All guests must be signed in by a Member.
   Guests must leave when signee leaves or may remain if co-signed by a member present.

•  Minors are not permitted to sit at the bar.


Violators are subject to immediate temporary loss of Canteen privileges
until the next Board of Directors Meeting.